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Want to test how smart you have become? This is exactly why you need to try some free word games! We have a list of word games that include crossword puzzles, trivia games, and many other popular games for you to choose from! They will not only test your mental capacity but also improve it!

On a hunt for a good word game to keep yourself entertained for hours? You are at the right place! We have included every word game that people want to play. You will be able to find crossword puzzles, trivia games, scrabble, word search and many more!

The simple act of using your brain to help you recall specific words is already enough to enhance your vocabulary. Now imagine if you play minutes after minutes – you will definitely improve your mental skills. Keep in mind that the contemplating of words is effective in increasing your ability to concentrate for long periods of time. Now, that is a good reason to keep playing these addictive free word games!

There is also a premise where you can link words strategically. The game called Word Link basically makes the idea of linking words a little bit fun. Not just that, though. It also has quizzes and tests, both of which are features common in word games for adults and kids alike.

Needless to say, you want to upgrade your brain and enhance its skills. Not only will you be having fun, but you will also be doing yourself a huge favor. Check out some of the free word games download in this category. Enjoy!

Top 3 Word Games We Recommend


Infinite Word Search Puzzles


You can now play the classic word game anytime that you want with Infinite Word Search Puzzles. This popular word game features an insane number of puzzles because, as the name suggests, you can have infinite hours of fun and entertainment! Get your everyday fix as you comb through all 35 categories of puzzles.

Whether you are looking to relax or compete, Infinite Word Search Puzzles offers several game modes to suit your mood. Looking to kill some time? Solve the puzzles in your free time in the Infinite Mode or challenge yourself in the Progression Mode where you are required to solve 30 puzzles with increasing difficulty. When you are bored of these offline modes, the ultimate skills test would be the online Multiplayer Mode. Invite a friend or even a stranger in a quick match of wits and place your name at the top of the scoreboard.

As you go deeper into the game, the difficulty increases for a more challenging kind of entertainment. Unlock achievements and collect rewards in this fantastic word finder game. Infinite Word Search Puzzles is the perfect game for your word search addiction!


Word Cookies™


Coming in at the 2nd spot of our Top 3 Word Games is Word Cookies™ by BitMango. Word Cookies™ is the kind of word game that you will play hoping to kill some time but end up getting addicted to it because of its simple mechanics yet challenging missions. It may look like a normal casual game, but Word Cookies™ is actually a great exercise for your brain. If you are a non-speaker of English or you have a kid that you want to teach new English words, this is a fun and great way to improve your vocabulary.

In the game, you will play as a girl who is on her way on becoming the greatest chef through baking sweet goodies. However, there’s a problem. Before you whip up the tasty cookies, you need to solve the puzzles first by connecting the letters for the hidden words. You need to answer the puzzles correctly so that you can fill the cookie jar with delicious cookies.

Word Cookies™ is the best word finder and word searching game in the world. Download this free word game and we promise you that you will have hundreds of hours of fun with its endless collection of word puzzles that you need to solve.

Word Crossy – A crossword game



Stimulate your brain with the most challenging and most fun crossword puzzle and word finding game in the world. Word Crossy – A crossword game from mobile developer Word Find is a fantastic word search game for boys, girls, kids, and adults alike! Connect the letters and complete the puzzles in this free word finder that made millions of players addicted to it.

Word Crossy has over 3,200 levels that you can complete for endless hours of fun. Solve the crossword puzzles by finding the hidden words. You can also reshuffle the letters to make guessing the words easier and faster. The difficulty of the levels increases as you advance and the game offers various challenges to keep the players entertained and amused. Stuck in a level? Use a hint and get help in solving those difficult words. Get all the time that you need in finishing the game because there are no time limits.

Word Crossy – A crossword game celebrated its first anniversary with 20 million downloads, a proof that it is one of the most popular trivia and word finding games that you can play today. Prove your skills and train your brain power in this free word game.

What are you waiting for? Put your skills to the test by downloading any of the word games here!