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If you have no idea what Silver Games are, these are games that put you in no pressure at all. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the game. But that doesn’t mean you’re not fully engaged; Silver Games may have minimal pressure but it requires you to strategize.

Silver Games are mostly simulators, wordplays, easy micromanagement and a few card games. Players from ages 30 and up appreciate these games the most. While they may not have explosions and shooty-shooty-bang-bang-boom just like modern games these days, it’s all about R&R gaming.

Choose from our library of top choices that have been highly reviewed by the community and critics alike. We got all the fancy silvergames you need and they’re all for free to download on PC. Card and casino games run aplenty in Silver Games. These include Solitaire, Bingo, Blackjack and Go Fish as examples. We also have a foreign card game called Okey too.

Do you enjoy word games? We also have that! Classics like Wheel of Fortune, crossword, and word search are also part of our collection to keep you happy. How about simulators like Homescapes and Hay Day? These simulators put you in no pressure at all where defeat is non-existent.

Download Silver Games right now on Lay back and keep calm because, with these games, there are no Losses or Game Overs.


Top 3 Silver Games We Recommend



Homescapes Best PC Game Download

Austin the Butler is back and he needs your help once again! Homescapes is another exciting building simulator from Playrix Games.  This is the same team behind the addictive Township and Gardenscapes games! What separates Homescapes from the rest is the addition of a 3-match block puzzle, resulting in an engaging gameplay.

Homescapes has you assisting Austin in restoring the mansion and bringing it back to life with wonderful interior design. However, the renovation won’t be easy. The old mansion is full of clutter, its walls are rotten and the ceiling is broken. It’s up to you and Austin to bring it back to full glory.

To be able to renovate the mansion, you will need to buy resources. And to do that, you’re going to need to play endless numbers of 3-match block puzzle games. The block puzzle segments are as fun as any traditional games of the genre. When you combine it with house designing, it becomes a unique experience. Therefore, rebuild the mansion how you want it when you want it.

Homescapes is an award-winner simulation game on mobile thanks to high-quality presentations, addictive gameplay, and limitless freedom. Now, that freedom is expanded even further onto the PC that you can download for free on!


Wheel of Fortune Free Play


Who hasn’t heard of these lines yet? Wheel of Fortune Free Play is tightly based off from the hit wordplay TV show. The charismatic Pat Sajak and the gorgeous Vanna White are here to host the classic game!

Be a contestant in this fun-filled mobile game, now with a PC port thanks to! It’s you versus real-life contestants! No AI opponents here. Wheel of Fortune Free Play has you matchmake with over millions of players around the world via Facebook. Do you think you have what it takes to become the winner of the show?

Above all, the words are as fun as ever because the producers of the same show formed the questions and answers! Delve into thousands of words to guess and just like in the show, your turn depends on the wheel of fortune!

Will you be able to score the jackpot prize or walk away with a Bankrupt on your title? Everything you love about the show is all present here! Same aesthetics, same people, and same mechanics! Keep on spinning to stack your money, buy a vowel or solve the category in its entirety.

Play the game directly on PC! Download it here and discover why millions of players are hooked in this official silver game!


Block Puzzle Jewel 

It’s not a silver game without any block puzzle games. Fortunately, has the best of these block puzzle games and Block Puzzle Jewel is our prized example!

Block Puzzle Jewel is a treasured game loved by millions and it is one of the very first of its kind. However, even if it does look like a rip-off Tetris, you’ll realize it’s not once you play the game. This is a laid-back block puzzle game that involves neither time limit nor any wall shrinkage. In short, it’s just you and your mind versus a canvas with given blocks. It will require you to do heavy thinking but not to the point of pressure.

You are given a set of 3 types of blocks for each turn. Think, strategize and analyze the canvas. Once you place a block in the open area, you cannot change it anymore. You will have to fill out a whole row or column in order to clear out space. Yes, you can fill up the canvas in you want. However, the game is over once the next set of blocks has no space to fill in.

It’s an addictive mind game that will have you playing for hours! Do you think you’re a block puzzle master? Enter the leaderboard to find out!

Download Block Puzzle Game Jewel right now and play it directly on PC! It’s a jewel you don’t want to miss.

Come on and have a relaxing good time with no pressure while playing our selection of Silver Games.  Download and play here at for free on PC! 

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