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Get in on some nom-nom action with some of the RPG games and best shark games free to download for PC! You think Jaws was gut-wrenching? Think again, these shark attack games keep you on the edge of your seat!

Within hunting games lies a sub-genre that only a few have heard of. Welcome to the Shark Games category! If you happen to read this portion, then we salute you with a badge of recognition for sharkmanship! This niche genre exist in only a handful but within these limited games lie plentiful content that you will never get tired of!

In technical terms, Shark Games are the sub-genre of Hunting Games. It’s just that this one is really focused on the ferocious cartilaginous fish.

Did you know that there was a shark bite game already as early as 1987? As it turns out, the SNES brought in an official-licensed Jaws game that played very well! You get to play as the Great White itself, plowing through anything you can eat as long as it’s living meat. Fish, sea mammals and of course, humans. It was one of the rare gems of its era even today since movie-based games are always ridiculed for being too mediocre. Were it not for the gameplay of Jaws, the likes of Feeding Frenzy and Hungry Shark would never come to pass.

Jaws was the epitome of the shark genre in terms of both movies and video games. And through its gameplay foundation, various developers sought to replicate and improve upon the Jaws game formula. These shark tale video games are simply one of a kind. You will always find that there is a reference of some kind to this genre-defining cult classic. Let us not stereotype though, sharks are not as bad as the entertainment industry portrays them. But you gotta admit, it is damn well entertaining.

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What Makes a Shark Game?

First and foremost, shark games need to have…you guessed it! Sharks. Whether you’re hunting a shark or you’re a shark hunting prey, there’s nothing quite like it when the most ferocious predator of the sea is involved in the game. Quite frankly, a shark is what makes a game very appealing. There’s a reason why Shark Week exists on TV. These creatures make them…well, shark SHARK games.

Second, a shark game needs to have really good gameplay mechanics. Gone are the days where all you have to do is find the protruding shark fin from the surface of the water and kill it. Also gone are the times when playing as a fish felt really clunky and felt more like controlling a prototype submarine than an actual fish. Based on the games we have in our collection, it’s easy to see why titles such as Hungry Shark Evolution and A Girl Adrift are part of the equation. One gives you that authentic monstrous immersion as you eat away other fish in the sea and people by the beach. On the other hand, the latter game has a mysterious story for you to unravel as you travel through the ocean.

And third, a good shark game needs fear. Because nothing is scarier than facing off the flesh-eater of the sea, right? Above all else, shark games instill fear onto you, letting you realize how profoundly scary it is when you’re against a shark. Even if you play as the shark itself, you’ll see how scared the NPCs are towards you. Both sea animals and humans will swim away from you except if they have defensive weapons. That’s what you want in a shark game – a lowkey horror experience.


Sharks in Shooters, Horror Games, and Adventure Games

There’s only quite a handful of games featuring the sea predator. Such sub-genre took the form of many different games: arcade shark shooting games, a console shark tank game simulator, free-roaming shark games on the PC and mobile shark games for kids. And yes, these also include movie tie-ins like Finding Nemo and Shark Tale.

Games like Grand Theft Auto V and Far Cry 3 implemented sharks into the game, making the waters of both worlds really unsafe. Imagine if Austin Powers’ Dr. Evil’s plan for making “Sharks with fricking laser beams” came to pass. That would have been very funny to see in games.

Subnautica heavily featured shark-like creatures in its waterworld, adding great fear to the player as the squandered off into the deep sea searching for clues. Even League of Legends has its share of sharks – the champions Fizz and Pyke for that matter.

As you can see, these are what make a shark game…well, a shark game. You know what we mean.

Now, speaking to the matter at hand, has a great number of hand-picked shark games that are free to play. Don’t forget to put your game face on before going in the shark tank! Here are the top picks for the best shark games around.

Such rare RPG card games and RPG board games are those role-playing games that make you feel and experience authentic adventure.

You will always find yourself biting your nails raw when those violins start playing. Such a signature background music for an iconic villain. It will always induce heart-pounding fear and intense sweating. Collect different sharks and select your favorite one in this shark survival game set in a lagoon. This is a fun shark game for kids and adults alike.

The beauty of video games is that they bring a whole new level of immersion. Plus in video games, you get to be the shark and not just the victim. There are loads more than just the popular great white shark, and you will discover all the species in the many different VR shark fishing games available to play.


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Of course, shark games can also take some very wild and crazy concepts far from reality. Like shark fishing or even sharks with laser cannons strapped on them and bio-mechanical upgrades that increase their already ridiculous senses. There is really no telling what to expect in from, and they are all available right here for download on PC!


Top Shark Games We Recommend


Hungry Shark Evolution

Sharks get hungry, and you do not want to get in the way of an apex predator that is hungry. Unless of course, you are that predator. With a self-explanatory title like Hungry Shark Evolution, you may think that it is pretty much straightforward.

It really is, although that is only scratching the surface. There is more to it than just a great white shark attack game. Well because there are much more than just great whites. Hungry Shark Evolution features loads of different shark species that you can play, each one with their own pros and cons.

But it does not stop there, oh no, there are so many things to discover in Hungry Shark Evolution. Ever want to see a hammerhead with a laser cannon and a top hat? Well, why not, go crazy with the upgrades and make your own unique hungry shark that is bent on destruction. Oh, and what destruction it is. You can gobble up pretty much anything in your path and the more havoc you cause, the better.

There are many challenges that await, not just the hapless landlubber humans. There are also mysterious creatures of the deep that would challenge your place on the food chain. And you get to show them why you are the greatest threat of the deep with some bone-crunching satisfaction.

It is indeed a unique way of adventure with role-playing board games. For the more adventurous, RPG horror games and RPG maker horror games would be the best choice. There are also turn based RPG games, pixel RPG games, action RPG games, and anime RPG games. With RPG games unblocked, your spare time will turn out to be a great exploit!


A Girl Adrift

If non-sense violence and feasting isn’t your thing, we got another one for you: A Girl Adrift. Consider this as part of shark fishing games because this game is fishing like no other. You play as a nameless girl who wakes up floating on a makeshift raft. The world you see is full of bodies of water. Your only knowledge as to what happened to the world was this it was submerged in water. What you only have with you are a chest and a fishing rod. However, what you will never expect are the fish that you will catch. Lure in both small and large sea creatures and try to collect them all.

Who knows? Maybe the answers about the old world lie within these fish? Try to get the sushi shark if you can!

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