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Be cool. Play Pool. If you can’t afford to have a big pool table at home or even have the time to play the game in your nearest bar, why not just download the best pool games here in

One of the oldest sports and bar games to ever exist, the pool is a type of sport that lets you take your time while analyzing every move you make and take your own precision and accuracy into account. Pool games have always been part of video games ever since its first one in the 80s and have always had different versions and themes without changing the rules of both classics, the 8-ball, and 9-ball game modes.


Even if you don’t have any idea nor any good skills in billiards, the pool games unblocked in our library will be able to help you out with neat tips and tricks for you. If you happen to be a big fan of the genre, then we got the best ones just for you! There are many pool games out there but if you’re the pool game player that likes his/her game to be nothing but top-quality, you’ve come to the right place.


With customized keyboard layouts and good PC ports, you wouldn’t want to miss out on our selection of top pool games for the PC. These games have been award-winning in the mobile platform and now, you can get to experience it first-hand on the PC.


Top Pool Games We Recommend





The name speaks for itself. Billiard is everything you have always come to know and love about the game of pool. If we have to choose one of the best pool games, this is definitely it.


With over 5 modes to choose from, you’re really not going to leave this game because of all the activities you can do. Engage in a progressive-level style singleplayer mode where you get to solve different situations on the table, play vs AI that has 3 types of difficulties of your choosing, 9-ball mode, a trick mode where you have to copy the same style the computer does in shooting down the ball, and a 1v1 multiplayer mode.


The very foundation of Billiard is, of course, the main highlight of the game; its pool gameplay is as immersive as its real-life counterpart except this one is top down. Engage in realistic physics from the balls as well as having a dynamic power system that can determine the overall push of your cue stick and the angle you hit on the cue ball. This will result in either a curved shot or straight power-shot. Play the awesome pool game for free on PC that has captivated millions of players!


8 Ball Pool



From the creators of Plague Inc. comes 8-Ball Pool – a fast-paced pool game that has the best of both worlds: advanced AI to duel with and a global ranked mode where you can 1v1 anyone at any time. 8-Ball Pool is also a top-down pool game that has a dynamic pool system: cue shots, cue ball angling, curved shots, and a hundred ways to do trick shots over the balls.


Play against an AI opponent that can put any real-life pool champion to shame thanks to its highly-advanced skills in the pool. If that overwhelms you, you can always toggle the AI difficulty between Easy, Normal, and Hard. But even if you take on the opponent in Normal mode, you shouldn’t underestimate it as it can do trick shots you’d never thought were possible.


If you’ve had enough fiddling against the AI opponent, there is always the online mode where you can engage in either casual mode or tournament mode. Casual mode is just a straight-up 1v1 against a live opponent while tournament mode involves betting with in-game currency. Will you come out on top as one of the best pool players in the game?


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