Play the Best Hunting Games Online - Free 3D Animal, Dinosaur Hunting Games

If you need the best free hunting games, we got them just for you. Check out our category of the best hunting games for PC! Oh, and you can download them for free! So, it is time to start hunting animals and even dinosaurs now!

Hunting games are beyond the norm of your average shooter. There are no bad guys involved, no enemies that will shoot you back and mostly, not really a fast-paced game. It’s a niche category for the fans of bows and rifles as well as shotguns who only has one goal: to hunt their prey. This particular category, hunting games, is actually a controversial one since your targets are always unsuspecting animals. Animal rights activists especially PETA is always angered by this sort of game but in the end, remember: there is no actual harm done to animals. It’s all just a big virtual reality that only augments the shooting of animals.


If you feel guilty, remember: it’s just a video game. The only time you’re committing the wrongdoing is if you actually hunt one for sport in real life. Reality aside, we have provided you with the best of the best when it comes to animal hunting games from the classic annual Deer Hunter series to a more arcadey simulator where YOU get to be the animal and the humans are your prey in Hungry Shark Evolution!


Get your trackers on and your infrared goggles with you along with your high-powered rifles because it’s hunting season! Play the best hunting games right here in this category. Just pick the game that you like and you can download it for free anytime on your PC!


Top 3 Hunting Games We Recommend


Big Hunter



Big Hunter is an award-winning hunting game that removes all the usual deer hunting methods and sniper rifles and going back to the primitive ways of spears, stones, and arrows. In Big Hunter, you take on the role of a leader of a tribe who must protect his people from the wildlife that threatens your very society. You have to do whatever it takes to survive a harsh land where beasts have no mercy towards you and your people.


Play one of the most unique hunting games ever created as it combines elements of physics, strategy, and action. Choose your weapons well and target the weak points of the beast to take it down and make it the food for your people.


There are over more than a dozen beasts to kill, each spreading over 100 days to kill. Each day passes, the stronger the beast becomes. And so you must upgrade your weapons in order to one-up against the behemoths that lurk the land. It’s a classic man vs wild. If you fail, your tribe will slowly perish in hunger and in danger from other dangerous animals in the world. What’s it going to be, tribesman? Will the hunter become the hunted or will you become the top of the food chain?


Hungry Shark Evolution



Why become the hunted when you can become the hunter? Welcome to Hungry Shark Evolution, where you get to play as the most ferocious fish in the sea. Everything you see in the world is your prey and you are the very top of the food chain. You get to play as one of 15 different sharks with only one thing in mind: eat anything you see fit. There are no diets for a dangerous predator like you and anything that crosses your path as long as it has a face is considered food. And the more you eat, the bigger you become to the point where you get to consume larger than life creatures such as giant squids, whales, and large manta rays!


Oh, and this is the only hunting game where the humans are the hunted. Play through various stages from a humble beach turning into a bloodbath, to a more ridiculous place such as a secret lab where they experiment robot sharks! And if you get into a feeding frenzy, your prey doesn’t just become your food, they turn into gold as well! Do shark love gold? We’ll never know but these sharks sure do! Play this award-winning predator game right now and see why millions of players have been hooked by its addictive and fulfilling gameplay.


Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores


Dino Hunter Deadly Shores Game Download PC


You play as a hunter who happens to have discovered a land where dinosaurs rule the kingdom. As the only man on that land, you must hunt and defend to survive where no human should ever be residing. You will have to hunt for your own food and obtain trophies by using the very weapons you have in your cache. Use highly-advanced weapons to kill large dinosaurs fast from high-powered sniper rifles to a missile launcher that emits electricity!


But beware: the more you stay in the land, the more the bigger predators are out to eat you without mercy. As you hunt for other animals, you must also defend yourself from potential dangers such as a rampaging herd of triceratops, swift pterodactyls and of course, the ferociously large tyrannosaurus rex.


Each weapon even has its own strengths and weaknesses that can be used to counter certain dinosaurs. Shotguns are great against raptors since the scatter shots help stop their sift movement really quick or using a crossbow if you need something silent without making a group of dinosaurs panic when they hear a gunshot.


Time to start your own hunt and play these deadly hunting games now on!