Getting the Highest Scores in Zombie Tsunami

Getting frustrated that you can’t get high scores in Zombie Tsunami? If you have been in the search for a guide on how you can last long in the game and post high scores in the leaderboard, you have come to the right place! We have prepared a comprehensive guide for you so that you can easily ace Zombie Tsunami. Our Zombie Tsunami high score article is easy to follow and you will not have a hard time understanding the instructions that we will mention in our guide.


Let’s start!


  1. Avoid getting run over by vehicles: Just like in real life, you will not want to get run over by moving vehicles in Zombie Tsunami. Try your best to avoid vehicles at all cost, be it cars or helicopters, because they will kill your undead horde. Before you encounter running vehicles, there will be a warning sign telling you that there is an approaching vehicle, and it will not be hard for you to time your jumps properly. You should be quick in tapping so that you could avoid moving vehicles at the right time. Constantly practice your timing and you will get the hang of it in no time at all. You can now last longer in the game and post higher scores than before.


  1. Look out for power-ups: As mentioned in our Zombie Tsunami gameplay guide, you can have different power-ups in the game that will let you transform into different characters and help you overcome obstacles more easily. Different transformations are made to pass specific obstacles easily, so be sure to master the strengths of these power-ups so that you can use them to your advantage.



  1. Trade scratch cards for coins: Scratch cards are a form of reward in Zombie Tsunami. However, you cannot be sure of what you can receive as a reward because scratch cards generate random items and upgrades. Don’t settle for this as sometimes you will get items that you don’t really need. Make sure that you’ll get something that you can actually use in the game by selling these scratch cards for coins. Through this, you will have more control over your upgrades and you can get the best items that will help you get the highest scores in the game.


The ultimate goal in endless running games is to last as long as you can to get higher scores. Follow our tips and your friend will surely wonder how you get high scores every time! To learn more about tricks in the game, head on to our Zombie Tsunami hacks and cheats article.  Download Zombie Tsunami today to start the fun!

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