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Are These The Best Mobile Legends Items?

It’s no secret that items are quite costly in Mobile Legends. That being said, it is important to consider all factors of a particular item before actually choosing it. By doing so, you will be at ease knowing that your hero is equipped with something that can put them in an advantage.


Here are some of the best Mobile Legends items and why you should get them.



Beast Killer

This one belongs to the Jungle Gear and features unique passive skills — Greed and Gorge. In Greed, players can get an additional 30 percent EXP when in the jungle. It also allows players to regain about 4 percent of their max health and 10 percent of mana. Meanwhile, Gorge enables players to increase their physical and magic defense 3 every time they slay jungle monsters.


Another unique passive feature of Beast Killer is the ability to make battle spell Retribution applicable to heroes. It slows down the enemy’s movement speed by 70 percent within a short period of time.


Aside from that, Beast Killer also boasts +20 Armor, +20 Magic Resistance, and +30% Damage to Monsters.



Berserker’s Fury

Formerly known as the Blade of Destruction, this Attack Gear provides +65 Physical Attack, +25% Critical Strike Chance, and +40% Critical Damage. Berserker’s Fury also has a unique passive skill called Doom. This allows the player to have critical strikes and increase physical attack by 5% within two seconds.


Black Ice Shield

This item is under the Defense Gear and provides players with +400 Mana, +22 Armor, and +10% Cooldown Reduction in Mobile Legends.


Endless Battle

The Endless Battle item can provide players with +65 Physical Attack and +25 Magic Power. It can also give players +250 HP, +300 Mana, +5% Movement Speed, and +15% Lifesteal. This item’s unique passive skills are the Divine Justice and Chase Fate.


In Divine Justice, players can get an additional 70% physical attack after using an ability. It’s effect will cooldown within 1.5 seconds. In Chase Fate, on the other hand, players can see an increase in their heroes’ movement by 15% after triggering the Divine Justice.

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