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Learn about the hit cooking game Cooking Fever that has taken the world by storm. Ever wondered why millions of people are getting hooked with this very popular game? If you are looking for comprehensive information, guides, walkthroughs, and gameplay tips, you have come to the right place. That is because we have compiled a definitive list of frequently asked questions about Cooking Fever – we have answered them all here, too!


Even if you have just started out playing Cooking Fever or if you are already an expert in cooking simulation games, our FAQ section will help you level up your gameplay. Here you can find lots of tips and tricks to finish the game. You can also find guides on how to earn more gems so that you can upgrade your restaurants faster and unlock more locations.


You can also find useful guides on the various elements of the game. Do you want to know how many restaurants are there in the game? You can read about that here. Are you looking for tips on how to win Cooking Fever? We can help you. We have all that you need to fully enjoy the game because just like you, we are big Cooking Fever fans!

Is Cooking Fever For Everyone?

Let’s accept the fact that not all people are lucky to have natural skills in cooking. That no matter how hard you try to follow the instructions in the cookbook, you end up making a disaster in the kitchen.   Well, you heard from your friends about this fancy game called Cooking Fever. Everyone is […]

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How To Collect More Cooking Fever Gems?

If you have been playing Cooking Fever, you already know that it collecting gems is harder than getting coins and other in-game currencies. Gems are a special kind of currency in the game that, along with coins, will let you unlock more restaurants in the different locations available in the game. Gems also let you do […]

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Tips And Tricks For Cooking Fever

There are lots of different Cooking Fever guides and walkthroughs on the Internet, but most of them are cheats and hacks which you cannot really use in the game. Why? That is because the developers of Cooking Fever constantly update the game to battle these exploits. If you are looking for legit Cooking Fever tips […]

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Quick Guide To Cooking Fever Gameplay

Cooking Fever is an easy game to play, thanks to its straightforward gameplay and engaging story. Even without prior cooking knowledge, it will surely give you endless hours of fun. Cooking Fever has been praised by cooking and non-cooking enthusiasts alike, and it is not that hard to understand why it has been a hit […]

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What is the Role of Michelle in Cooking Fever?

Once you have cleared all the levels in the City, Paradise Island, and Alpine Mountains, you will have access to Michelle’s Café, which is the last restaurant in Cooking Fever. In this level, you will get the ultimate test of your skills because it has harder challenges compared to other restaurants in the game. In […]

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