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Level Up Troops in Clash of Clans the Right Way

So you’re planning to attack an enemy base. You got your troops ready and you have the right numbers for each unit. Unfortunately, despite your tactics and strategies, you still fail to complete your objective. Why? This is mostly because your army is not strong enough to do a full-scale attack on an enemy base. What you need to do is to upgrade them to their full potential.


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How to level up troops in Clash of Clans is now the big question. But the answers to that are some few essential buildings and a precious resource called Elixir.

Elixirs are your main resource for upgrading your troops. If you need to get elixirs fast, you need to.

    1. Make sure you have Town Hall 3.
    2. Build a Laboratory.
    3. Tap on the Laboratory and choose Research.
    4. From there you will see a display with an array of available troops to upgrade.
    5. Those that are highlighted in color means they’re ready for an upgrade while the grayed units mean you don’t have sufficient elixirs to upgrade them.
    6. Once you select a unit you want to upgrade, it will show their stats on how much increase the upgrade is going to be.  Make sure to choose wisely as there are no refunds.
    7. When you finally chose a unit you want to upgrade, you will have to wait some days before it gets finished.
    8. If you can’t wait any longer and you’re just hankering for a new raid, with your clan, you can simply just finish the upgrade instantly with gems. However, it will cost you a lot of those so if we were you, we’d use the gems somewhere else.
    9. The game will notify you once your unit is fully upgraded.


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