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Major Mayhem Download Free PC Games on Gameslol

Major Mayhem: One of the Best Action Games Now on PC | Play for Free Online | Non-Stop Action

Groups of Terrorists. A Kidnapped Girlfriend. One Angry Major.


You are Major Mayhem—a grizzled war hero who has nothing to lose and is out for blood to stop a large terrorist organization and rescue his girlfriend from the clutches of evil. Will our hero be able to save the world from destruction and get his beloved back?


Major Mayhem is a fun 3rd person action shooter that is a mix of on-rail arcade shooting and narrative. It’s a game full of endless explosive edge-of-your-seat action that will keep you hooked for hours on end with its countless stages and game modes along with tons of unlockable costumes and weapons.


The main selling point of Major Mayhem is the cartoony atmosphere and tropes of 80s action films that are just full of hilarious references from the protagonist to the dialogues.



Major Mayhem Game Features:


Tight Controls and Awesome Gameplay

Have you ever played cover-based shooters like Gears of War or Rainbow Six Vegas? It plays just like this but with an arcade shooter twist such as Time Crisis or Virtua Cop. Major Mayhem has always been loved for its responsive controls that just felt smooth from beginning to end.


Combos Combos Combos!

You get to kill enemies in many creative ways from split-shooting heads with one bullet to explosive barrels! Get higher points by juggling enemies in mid-air with your gun or shoot a grenade in mid-air as the enemy tosses it!



Tons of Unlockable Costumes, Modes, and Levels!

Major Mayhem is filled with lots of goodies that will make you keep playing for more to earn them! Play in various fun game modes such as Timebomb where you have to kill as much as you can before the bomb detonates all enemies, Arcade which consists of more combo-crazy shooting frenzy and survival where you must hold out as long as you can.


An arsenal of deadly yet ridiculous weapons is waiting for you! From a trust assault rifle to a stage-blowing chicken missile, you’d be wanting to try out all the available guns in the game! A closet full of funny costumes which include references from Bruce Li, Chuck Norris, and Stallone. Because hey, nothing is more fun than shooting bad guys in the jungle with a laser beam in a Michael Jackson Thriller costume.



Hilarious 80s Movies and Action Game References

If there’s any shining example of how reference humor is done right, it’s Major Mayhem. From the quirky costumes to the enemies and even to the dialogues, the game is full of everything you know and love about classic action movie and game cliché.



Can be Completed 100% Without Having to Pay

Free-to-play games are usually hard to finish if you want to go through the game without having to pay anything at all. But what if we told you that you can finish this 100% including all unlockable sets and game modes without having to pay a single dime?


Major Mayhem Tips and Tricks:


Blue Bullets are Safe. Red Ones are Not.

You’ll be encountering so much fire in the game that you may feel like a sitting duck instead of going Rambo. However, not all incoming fire is dangerous. As long as the incoming fire from enemies is blue, it will always miss no matter what. What you have to be careful for are the red bullets that will show on screen. You get hit, you lose one life.  The game will signal you anyway if ever the enemy is about to kill you. Most of all, watch out for red-colored enemies as they always shoot red bullets.



Don’t Stop Shooting the Enemies Even If They’re Dead!

The game is all about keeping the combo streak up as much as you can. One of the most helpful ways to keep the streak going is to keep on shooting the enemy corpse and juggle it before it disappears. Standard enemies always die in one hit but once they go down, keep on shooting. Recommended weapon for this is rapid-fire weapons like an assault rifle or minigun.


Always Look for Environmental Kills

If you shoot red barrels, destroy planes that fly by or shooting out windows, you’re rewarded with more bonus points. Also, don’t forget to shoot enemy hats too as they add bonus points as well.


Are you up for the challenge and help Major Mayhem with his quest?  If you like this game, try out other shooting games like Pixel Gun 3D and Guns of Glory.

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